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About Us

“Our Experience Makes The Difference”

Tulsi Developers India Pvt. Ltd. has a tradition of fine homebuilding. Building your dream home. Adopting modern innovations in construction and architecture. Keeping customer aspirations, comforts and amenities in mind while designing and constructing your home. Our standards are second to none and we cater to the demands of every segment of society. Building on your priorities, expectations and your dream of a classier living standard.

We believe in improving the quality of life for our customers by designing and constructing living spaces using architectural concepts that are relevant in the contemporary era.

  • Our Mission

    The diffusion of technology is often
    more important than its invention

    We focus on the most significant technological advances and innovations of housing projects combined with construction technologies that have architectural value. Providing more durable and environment-friendly homes.

    Tulsi Developers
  • The Strength

    "God lies in the details", is something we swear by - from the selection of location to final stages of construction - we scrutinize everything thoroughly - the foundation, the structural design, whole of the exterior and interior, strength, utility and beauty, selection of raw materials, components, accessories - keeping in mind test parameters as well as certifications. The passion to do a great job in providing our customers their dream home and exceeding their expectations are second nature to us. The testimony lies in the satisfaction of our valuable customers who have put their faith in TULSI.

    Tulsi Developers

Chairman's Voice

Greetings to you...!

It is my boundless pleasure to welcome you all, to Tulsi Developers India Private Limited. The greatest gift I can give myself is the priceless experiences in the field of real-estate…Property development and construction…through the journey of this sector …!!

The main intentions of Tulsi Developers India Pvt. Ltd. are the client satisfaction…Zero compromises on quality…Consistent value for money to my clients…to provide an excessive standard of living ...and environment-friendly approach...etc...and to provide the great customer support with my creative…efficient and highly trained professionals as best at this industry. We have a clear vision about this entire sector and our achievements while holding dear to us our basic principles that lead to our goal, to become Tulsi the Dream home Builder..!!

The cream and quintessence of the Tulsi Developers India Pvt. Ltd is that to complete our projects to the highest standards on time…with excellent and satisfied architectural and construction standards…and recognized safety performance..!!

As a responsible citizen, responsibilities...social commitments…charity and social activities...are ingrained in my life…just like the palpitations...!!

Let me assure you we will support and help very much you to fulfill your cherished aspirations like your Dream Home... I promise and express my gratitude to you, all my clients and well-wishers, that Tulsi Developers always dedicates itself towards its commitments and strive for continuous growth..!!

Tulsi Developers
Thulasi Das
Chairman & Managing Director